Mr. A. Amithaab,
Founder and Chairman,
A Big Bulletin News,
Mobile number: +91 9741314328.

Mr. A. Amithaab is a resident of Kadakola, a village at the outskirt of Mysore city. He is a pious and devoted disciple of the noble and gracious guru Mahavataar Babaji. Along with being the founder and chairman of ‘A Big Bulletin News’, he is the founder and chairman of ‘Akhila Vishwa Bharathiya Seva Samaj’ and also the Supremo President of’ ’Mother Sonia Gandhi World Welfare Committee’ (a unit of ‘Akhila Vishwa Bharathiya Seva Samaj’).

Under the guidance and order of his gracious guru Mahavataar Babaji, A. Amithaab worked for the development of the infrastructure of Mysuru city. His efforts came to light when the Deputy Commissioner of Mysuru declared Mysuru as a beggar free city and established rehabilitation centers in the city on 08/03/2008.

He also holds the laurel of successfully convincing the Government of India to release a fund of Rs.1850 core under NURM project for the development of city infrastructure. This fund was utilized for building the new KSRTC (Sub Urban) bus stand that stands in the heart of the city.

Mr. Amithaab forcefully recommended the installation of Metal detectors and CCTV in public places to ensure the safety of the civilians from anti social elements which was strongly supported and implemented by the city corporation of Mysuru. This later wide spread to the other parts of the country and many other cities incorporated the usage of CCTV in public places. As a result, the crime rate also reduced.

Under the guidance of his guru, Mr. Amithaab is currently working on various projects to establish a harmonious relationship among all the countries and is fighting against the storage and use of nuclear weapons. He also conducts private programs to spread awareness about the ill effects of nuclear weapons.

He also emphasizes on the humanitarian values and motivates people to rise over their boundaries of race, religion, caste and creed and live together peacefully.